The recession may have ended in 2009, but the US economy was still in recovery well into 2011. People were quite hesitant to spend their discretionary income on organizing services. I did have clients stay with me who financially could during the recession, and some are still my clients today; they are chronically disorganized, and, for some, they always will be.

I needed to attract clients and rebuild my client base. For the first time, I decided to discount my fee by packaging my services. And it worked! I made more money on organizing services than ever before.

Psychologically, people like to think they are getting a deal, especially when they feel they don’t have money to spend.

I require prepayment of the full package price before I start working with clients. Prepayment provides cash flow for my business, and it does something even better: it commits the client to the work. Clients canceling their sessions at the last minute are a thing of the past because of prepayment.

If you want to avoid last-minute cancellations, require all or partial payment before your client session.

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