Let’s Talk About CRMs

photo Let's Talk About CRMs

Students often ask me what CRM (client relationship management) application I recommend for a professional organizing business and do they need one.  Let’s talk about CRMs. When I started my organizing business in 2003, the CRMs available were geared for medium size businesses or larger ones.  If the CRMs available today that focus on single-owner…

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Niche – Photo Organizing

photo niche business

We can focus our services on many different niches as Professional Organizers. One is photo organizing, both digital and print photos. Organizing one’s photographs can seem an unsurmountable task, and many people put it off because they don’t know where to begin or how to sort their memories. This is where you can help! If…

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5 Benefits of Working With a Professional Organizer

photo 5 benefits of working with a professional organizer

Often, people dismiss the need for a professional organizer because, in their mind, they don’t want to pay someone to do something that seems so simple. They feel like they can do these tasks by themselves. After all, why would you hire someone to declutter your house? Or help you come up with a decent…

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How Much Do Professional Organizers Charge?

photo How Much Do Professional Organizers Charge

The number one question I am asked by people who want to become a professional organizer is, “How much do I charge?”  Establishing your fee continues to be the one area where many professional organizers undervalue their services.  Let’s explore how much professional organizers charge by determining a reasonable market rate, earning the income you…

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What is Business Process Automation?

photo What is Business Process Automation

If you have difficulty managing your paperwork or gathering information to stay updated, it could be because you’re still dependent on manual operations. This may cause you to miss out on opportunities. Worse, it can make you lag behind your competitors. If this is the case, then it’s high time to take a hard look…

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11 Questions to Ask When Clients Won’t Let Go of Anything

photo 11 Questions to Ask When Clients Won’t Let Go of Anything

When you met with your client for the needs assessment, she seemed very eager to let go of her clutter and get organized once and for all. Now you are ankle-deep in her clutter working with her at your first decluttering session, and every time you ask her, “keep, donate, trash?” She replies, “keep!” You’re…

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3 Key Questions to Ask Before Considering a Client’s Project

photo 3 Key Questions

The first three questions to ask before considering a client’s project. 1. What is their location? Asking for their address may seem like a fundamental question, but when you ask this question is key.  Have you ever talked with a potential client at length, then they are ready to book an appointment, but when you ask,…

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4 Practical Tips for Keeping Your Business’ Data Secure

photo Business Data Security

In the information age, securing your data and assets in the digital space has become just as important as protecting your physical assets on the premises.  Cybersecurity has become an integral part of most business operations, and as such, various strategies and approaches have emerged. Suppose you’re a business owner who recently shifted to cyberspace…

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6 Must-Have Apps That Have Streamlined My Business Practices

photo IPO Blog February 2022

Having an arsenal of powerful apps will feel like you have a free personal assistant.  Here are my six must-have apps that have streamlined my business practices freeing my brain to focus on what’s important rather than what’s urgent. Acuity Scheduling If you’ve ever struggled to settle on a meeting time or accidentally double-booked yourself,…

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8 Strategies on Managing a Professional Organizing Business

photo IPO Blog January 2022

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when you’re managing a small business, especially when you are starting out.  Here are 8 strategies to simplify and make small business management easier. Strategy #1 – Have a Mentor or a Business Coach There is no reason why you should have to figure out everything by yourself.  There are…

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