Anne Blumer, CPO


Anne wrote Mastering the Business of Organizing along with the Institute for Professional Organizers™ curriculum, training manuals, and program because she believes in the immense value of this profession.

Anne wants others who aspire to it to represent the industry as experienced and knowledgeable professionals.

She also wants to share her learning, hoping others will benefit greatly from her experiences.

“I wish I had this training program when I started my professional organizing business, SolutionsForYou, Inc. I would have saved time, money, and a lot of hard work. You will benefit immediately by learning what took me years and hard lessons to know.”

Anne’s educational background includes a B.A. in Organizational Communication from Marylhurst University and ongoing industry education through the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals (NAPO) and the Institute for Challenging Disorganization (ICD).   Anne earned the Certified Professional Organizer designation at the inaugural exam in 2007 and has been recertified every three years.  For Anne’s CV, please refer to her resume document.

Anne is a sought-after international keynote speaker in the professional organizer industry.  Read what others say about her presentations:

Anne Blumer

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Japan Association of Life Organizers Conference 2015
Anne Blumer delivering the Keynote at the Japanese Association of Life Organizers, Sendai, Japan, December 2017

"Anne’s Keynote speech was very inspirational to all of Japanese organizers. I was impressed by her extensive knowledge and experience in the field of Professional Organizing and her ability to engage our Japanese audience. I highly recommend any organization to hire Anne as a speaker.”

Mayumi Takahara, President & Founder Japan Association of Life Organizer

“We were thrilled to have Anne Blumer, CPO present Navigating The Chronically Disorganized (CD) Client to our group of NAPO professional organizers. Her fifteen years of training and experience is a priceless resource to draw upon. Her presentation style is clear, engaging and informative. Anne’s compassionate respect for her clients, as they partner to identify and meet the challenges of getting and staying organized, is a thread that runs through her work and her powerful presentation.”

Suzanne Lehman, Director of Professional Development, NAPO Oregon

“A small class size greatly facilitated discussion and a calmer pace to the sessions. All of Ms. Blumer's feedback was carefully considered and constructive. Her training materials are constructed with tremendous care and can unquestionably allow a new professional to launch a career immediately or give a seasoned professional a fresh perspective on the craft. NAPO's offerings are (1) costly, (2) not easily accessible, and (3) don't allow me to launch immediately. Ms. Blumer is warm, funny and very encouraging. Make the investment!”

Lauren WilliamsCasual Uncluttering, LLC, Woodinville, Washington

"In March 2015 APDO-UK was fortunate enough to have Anne Blumer of the Institute for Professional Organizers as one of their main speakers for their conference. Anne gave two talks on day 2 of our conference. One was a keynote speech about different kinds of clients, the different kinds of approaches and case studies. The other was a talk about personal safety for the professional organiser. As APDO-UK President and conference organizer I couldn't have been more lucky to have found Anne and contact her to be one of our speakers. She absolutely knows her "stuff", is an engaging speaker and our attendees were impressed by her professionalism and her know-how. On a personal note I was overwhelmed by Anne's kindness and her interest in our association, it's members and our conference. Thank you, Anne! I know our paths will cross again in the future!"

Ingrid Jansen, President of APDO-UK

"Anne is a lovely, talented, business savvy woman. She was open and friendly and made the class a fun place to spend three days together working and learning. I learned a great deal in the short amount of time we spent together. I would eagerly attend another practicum with her.”

Marie Vickers, Feng Shui Modern, San Diego, California

Mission (Our Why)

We want those who aspire to be Professional Organizers to represent the industry as experienced and knowledgeable professionals and to build a sustainable business that provides excellent and safe service to their clients.

Vision (Our How)

We provide new Professional Organizers with comprehensive and affordable training and education to start their business in the shortest time.