You CAN be a Certified Master Professional Organizer™ (CMPO™) and Have a Successful Professional Organizing Business

Doing What You Love


You've been considering starting an organizing business, but you don't feel ready yet.  There are so many things to prepare and you want to be sure everything is JUST right before you launch your business.  You're not alone — my students always feel like this at the beginning.  My name is Anne Blumer and I founded the Institute for Professional Organizers™ for people just like you.

Anne Blumer

You can start your organizing business now

AND feel confident with the

Fast-Track Method™

Mission (Our Why)

We want those who aspire to be Professional Organizers to represent the industry as experienced and knowledgeable professionals and to build a sustainable business that provides excellent and safe service to their clients.

Vision (Our How)

We provide new Professional Organizers with comprehensive and affordable training and education to start their business in the shortest time.  We continue to support and mentor our students for one year following course completion.

Organizers from 19 countries have launched successful businesses

through the Fast-Track Method™ courses.

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