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"I completed the Certified Organizer Fast Track Method™ Course and found the program to be extremely valuable in providing me with everything I need to start my own business and be successful as a professional organizer. The room-by-room training and meetings with Anne were especially informative. I would highly recommend this certification to anyone interested in pursuing a career in this field."

Amy Kelso

"Institute for Professional Organizers Fast Track Training Program is a complete guide for anyone looking to start a business as a professional organizer. It was such a pleasure training with Anne Blumer. I have learned a lot from her and her amazing training program, and I am positive I’ll be able to start a successful Professional Organizing business now that I have concluded the training."

Fabiana Candido

"The time, effort, professionalism, and (at least) 17 years’ worth of Anne’s organizing experience that is contained within such a meticulous and thoughtfully produced course, is worth so much more than $1,000! I had so many seemingly disconnected pieces of information about the order of events when working with a client as well as starting a business that felt overwhelming, that finding such a course, designed to walk you through such an immense process step-by-step, like a coach leading you to the next exercise, was (and is!) so reassuring! There are so many practical tools, examples, and references contained in the course that are so helpful as well as access to Anne herself who’s willing to be an understanding guide and mentor. I appreciated having the accountability this course offered to help “light a fire” under me and begin the process of thinking and putting thoughts down regarding my business. Overall, just a quality-made instructional course."

Sefora Cauneac

“I found the IPO training to exceed my expectations in every way. Anne was very professional and prompt during the home study portion. When I met her in person I found her to be a very positive, humorous, informative and supportive person. The information was extremely well presented, easy to understand and the homework key to laying the foundation for a successful business. I have attended many different business classes and always walked away feeling overwhelmed and not knowing exactly what to do. I walked away from Anne's training not only with the confidence to Organize but also with concrete steps to take to open and run a small business. I looked at NAPO’s courses but found the IPO to be more affordable and seemed so much easier to make sense of the order of classes. I highly recommend this training, the value is exceptional!”

Kim Hunton

“As like anything what you put into is what you get out of it. The personal experience and knowledge I gained about Professional Organizing and building my business model was priceless. I believe the price for the program was a great value. I feel I had great support all through the process not just at the practicum. Anne was wonderful.  I really learned a lot and feel I have the support to learn more and become a better Professional Organizer.”

Michelle M. Barber

"I felt that this experience was very beneficial in allowing me to learn and experience the business of becoming a Professional Organizer. Anne is a warm, personable, and inspiring woman. She is passionate about what she does and about helping to teach others. I felt like we laughed just as much as we learned, and that was really nice! The Institute for Professional Organizers is a worthwhile, uplifting course that delivers personal attention and hands-on training that is invaluable. Knowing that I have the mentorship of Anne to guide me on my journey makes me feel confident and excited for my future as a Professional Organizer!"

Maya Fox-Davis

"This experience was valuable to me because it helped me realize that this is exactly what I want to do."

Angie Vanway

"This training experience was top notch. I felt that the online coursework created a good foundation to build my business on. The manual was well prepared and has been a valuable tool and resource in the process of getting my business running and helping clients get and stay organized. Anne is a fabulous teacher and I am grateful to have learned from someone that is an expert in both organizing and creating a business. Overall it was a fantastic experience and I would highly recommend this course to anyone thinking about pursuing a career as a professional organizer."

Roberta Anderson

"I am very thankful for the opportunity to have a live training for three days. There was plenty of time to ask questions and be able to understand some things better. The client practicum was a great way to do the job from start to finish. Thank you so much for great training."

Laurie Wolpert

"The program was thorough and beneficial. The legal and tax information has saved me so much time and research. It was great to have a hands-on practicum, as it helped me to see how to work through situations that I would not have known to anticipate."

April McAuliffe

"I learned a lot and walked away with a lot of valuable information that I most likely would have never know is available if I had not completed this program.  The Certified Organizer course definitely made me more focused and excited for the next steps to starting my own business."

Suzanne Redpath

"Anne did a great job in training us the business side of starting up a professional organizing business as well as how to do actual hands-on organizing in a client's home. She answered all of our questions thoroughly and knowledgeably. I was amazed at how much Anne was able to teach us in a short period of time."

Lyndee Lawerence

"I'm so glad I chose Institute for Professional Organizers. Anne Blumer put together a very thorough instructional program that truly covered everything. In fact, there were even times during the coursework when I thought, is all this really necessary? Yes, it was! Anne knows her stuff and truly wants to see you succeed. Her warm and fun personality creates an environment in the “classroom” that is relaxed and comfortable from beginning to end. Working hands-on with a client was such a valuable experience. After 3 days I walked away with confidence, skills, and even some new friends in my fellow classmates. Can’t say enough great things about the entire experience and I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in becoming a professional organizer!"

Samantha Amren

“A small class size greatly facilitated discussion and a calmer pace to the sessions. All of Ms. Blumer's feedback was carefully considered and constructive. Her training materials are constructed with tremendous care and can unquestionably allow a new professional to launch a career immediately, or give a seasoned professional a fresh perspective on the craft. NAPO's offerings, despite being required for Board certification, are (1) costly, (2) not easily accessible. Therefore, until I've logged enough of the required 1,500 hours to convince me certification is within reach, making the investment in NAPO classes is premature: the NAPO classes may change content significantly between now and then, and don't really allow me to launch immediately any more than other more affordable, accessible, equally-well constructed options such as your seminar. Ms. Blumer is warm, funny, and very encouraging. Make the investment!”

Lauren Williams

When I decided to start my own organizing business, I didn't know where to start. A Google search gave a few options to training and certification with IPO being one of them. After much research, I decided on IPO because I felt it was better organized and thorough. I have not been disappointed in that assessment. Having no education or experience in business, the coursework was a godsend in figuring out what steps to take and what order to take them in. It gave me guidance and a comprehensive checklist of necessary actions for setting up and running my business. That - by itself - has been invaluable. The seminar gave me a chance to:

  1. Review my business, financial, and marketing plans and
  2. Get valuable feedback from Anne as well as my fellow students.

Being able to trade comments, criticism, suggestions, and encouragement was an empowering exercise and emotionally prepared me for the practicum. Actually working with a client and seeing the process first hand was absolutely necessary and a positive confidence booster. I had been nervous about going into a strangers' house to organize as my only prior experience had been helping people I already knew. Working with a client showed me how to approach a potentially awkward situation as a professional and gave me confidence that my business can work. I am now FIRED UP to get this thing off the ground. Thank you to Anne and the Institute of Professional Organizers for this wonderful experience and education.”

Sandy C

“I fully enjoyed the whole process. Having the study material to read at your own pace ahead of the seminar was great. It allowed me to work it into my schedule. The material was very thorough and easy to understand and the resources list is also great. The seminar was very interesting. Enjoyed hearing about the others business plans and ideas. Also during the organizing project planning it was helpful to hear others ideas and ways of organizing. At first, having such a large group, I was wondering how it was all going to work at during the project, but it worked out great and learned ideas on how do a large project with multiple people. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone wanting to start their organizing business.”

Lisa Baker

“I felt that this experience was very beneficial in allowing me to learn and experience the business of becoming a Professional Organizer. Anne is a warm, personable and inspiring woman. She is passionate about what she does and about helping to teach others. I felt like we laughed just as much as we learned, and that was really nice! The Institute for Professional Organizers is a worthwhile, uplifting seminar that delivers personal attention and hands-on training that is invaluable. Knowing that I have the mentorship of Anne to guide me on my journey makes me feel confident and excited for my future as a Professional Organizer!”

Maya Fox-Davis

“I don't think I would have put nearly as much effort into setting up my business legally, marketing, branding, etc. if it weren't for the required pre-course preparation. I can now see why so many small businesses fail due to lack of structure, planning, marketing, etc. That part was absolutely essential! The 3-day seminar was much more comprehensive than I ever imagined. The opportunity to meet live, ask questions, exchange ideas, get feedback were all invaluable! The client practicum was also a fantastic opportunity to see the entire process start to finish! I highly recommend this training to anyone interested in a career as a professional organizer!”

Julie Perger

“Anne Blumer is the sweetest yet one of the most informative people I've had the pleasure of meeting. By attending the seminar, I learned and evaluated things about myself as well as confirmed information that I already knew- but this time with (very easy) instructions on how to apply it. This seminar was incredibly powerful and useful both personally and professionally. I absolutely loved it!”

LaLina Binaley

“I was extremely impressed with the course and all the information I’ve retained in such a short amount of time. Between the general need-to-know information to become a Professional Organizer, the legal speaker, and tax speaker, I've learned so much beneficial information that I can not only pertain to my Professional Organizing Business I'd like to start but my current business and personal life as well. I left the course feeling excited and ready to jump-start a new career and life changes. Thanks a million, Anne, you definitely made an impact!”

Lora-Lea Binaley

“My deepest thank you to you for an amazing training and life-learned information. I truly am so appreciative of your time and the relationship we will form as I look to you as my mentor for advice. The training was awesome, and I can’t tell you enough how much I appreciate your time and this class.”

Tonya Polk

“I think Layer 1 is crucial for first-time organizers who have not read materials, books or take a course for beginners. There are some excellent business plan and marketing suggestions that will be supremely helpful to all first timer organizers. I found the materials to be very thorough and practical. The only reason to fail is lack of motivation. The instructor is very easy to listen to and very responsive to questions and e-mails from the students. I feel my money has been spent wisely as Anne takes the participants through a thorough orientation of practical information for a professional organizer. I cannot imagine anyone just starting out in this business without this training as there are potentially complex issues with client needs. I feel that the sessions have been well organized and chock full of useful suggestions. I am very satisfied with the information that I received from Anne. The course was paced perfectly and the materials/hand-outs are now my core reference materials that I will continue to use throughout my career. The question and answers at the end of each session were very informative, and it was nice to have the Q and A at the end of the session so the class flowed nicely without interruptions during the presentation. I have used Anne as a sounding board for ideas; she always promptly responds to my questions sent by e-mail. I look forward to continuing to use Anne as a mentor as she has delivered everything she said she would in her promotional literature and is very knowledgeable about the Professional Organizing Industry.”

Linda Diamond

“The training has helped me to feel confident and prepared to venture out on my own. The information presented was very valuable, as was the “working hands-on with the client” session. This training was definitely worth both my time and money.”

Cindy Vanhoff

“This training experience was truly exceeded my expectations. I have looked and done research to find this type of training as it is nowhere else structured this way. It was an experience of growth and applying my skills learned from the layer one training to real life client practicum was just fabulous. Anne, you were great and helpful in answering all my questions. I appreciate your insight and expertise in this field. You made me feel comfortable and I’m thrilled that I have you for ongoing support to assist me after this training program. It means a lot especially as there are a lot of factors to consider and thoroughly make sure I understand during this whole process. You are a great leader and your passion shined right through during this 3-day seminar. Thank you for setting this program up for me to succeed and have a guide as to how I can be a successful professional organizer.”

Nicole Smith

“Anne, My experience with you thru the Institute for Professional Organizers was very rewarding and very helpful. I never imagined that I would come away with as much knowledge and a new understanding of the Professional Organizing Business as I did. So many areas were covered that were so helpful. Your training is very inspirational and your personal hands-on experience and sharing are not to be taken lightly. Thank you for being so open and willing to help out new ones like myself just starting out. The time, expense and effort to be at this training were more than worth it! I will always be thankful for your heart to help and see us all succeed in our dreams of becoming Professional Organizers.”

Sondra Foust

"I personally found the training experience to be incredibly thorough, enlightening, and encouraging. I've been considering professional organizing since graduating from college; however, the business aspects intimidated me immensely and kept me from making much progress in starting one. These factors contributed to my immediate attraction to the Professional Organizer Training because the curriculum structure was clear, concise, and covered everything I had already been researching myself. I also read more about Anne and looked into the agencies of which she was a member. I found them credible and realized that by attending her personal seminar, I would be able to gain valuable knowledge from a successful "insider" with a fantastic range of experiences who actually went through the process she created and advocated. Because of this fact, I found the support and encouragement to be one of, if not the most beneficial component of the seminar. It can be very complicated to start your own business and seemingly very frightening. Anne's enthusiastic and personable teaching style truly makes this feel like an attainable dream, and that she has a genuine desire to see my business succeed by making herself approachable throughout the seminar and available for further guidance afterward. I highly recommend this seminar to anyone who has already recognized that their skills in organizing may be a potential career opportunity but is perhaps lacking the knowledge of finer business details or the simple motivation to make this possibility a reality."

Kirsten Zamoida

“Anne, thank you for an incredibly informative and interesting class. I was able to clearly distinguish between my affinity for organizing people and their things and the actual qualification of "professional organizer". You presented the materials concisely and professionally, clearly articulating your material while keeping the atmosphere casual and inviting. I thoroughly enjoyed having the chance to toss around business name ideas and getting hints from other people who were also new to the organizing profession. You gave us just the right mix of formal training with roundtable discussion. I would recommend this class to anyone who wants to turn a natural talent for organizing into a profession.”

Bonnie Medlin

"I thought the training was both extremely informative and enjoyable. The legal and CPA discussions alone were worth the price as I now have a firm foundation of the discussions I need to have with my own attorney and CPA. I will save money that I otherwise would have spent to get me up to speed on the issues around my business set-up. The room by room discussion and examples gives me the necessary confidence to engage potential clients in a productive conversation about their needs. The client practicum was an extremely valuable experience in handling client issues as they arise with Anne there for back-up and support. Anne is very knowledgeable and enjoyable instructor, and I know that I will benefit from her mentorship. Well worth the investment and a lot of fun! Thank you, Anne!"

Carol Bittner

“Great experience! Even after reading, researching, and getting a good start myself, the training helped me fill in all of the blanks of information I was missing. It reassured me in some places and answered questions I didn’t know I had. I think the most important thing I gained was confidence!”

Beth Giles

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"After leaving Corporate America after almost 22 years, I had an “aha” moment and knew that I needed to pursue my passion – professional organization. When I told people I was taking a course to do this, most said – why, you are the most organized person I know. Yes, but I knew I wanted to do this right. Anne’s course was so organized – the materials, the videos – I never had any questions about what was expected and what I needed to do. I loved being able to do this at my own pace, yet know she was there if I needed anything.

My final assignment was my first client project, and once completed, I knew I was where I needed to be. Anne was so encouraging and spent two hours with me going over my business plan and my project. She was so helpful and really gave me some insight into things that I had not thought of before.

Thank you, Anne, for helping me pursue my dream of not only owning my own business but also following my passion for organizing!"

Nicole Conaton

"The Institute for Professional Organizers has given me the material, guidance, and confidence to pursue my dream to be  Professional Organizer.

The course work was clear to understand and included videos that went over the manual in further depth.

Never would I think I would have a business, financial, and marketing plan for my business.

The program has specific detail, resources, and questions to ask yourself before you start a business.  It is very thorough!

Anne is a super ninja organized teacher.  Her availability, knowledge, confidence, and patience are everything you want in a mentor.  She is confident in your success and wants you to succeed.

I am grateful to have found this program, to have met Anne, and to have this experience to help me start my business."

Elizabeth White

"I am so glad that I chose this program to start my organizing business. I love that it included business guidance in addition to organizing training. This makes me feel I can improve both skill sets and feel confident about all aspects of this work! Even though the training sessions are done, the program is still not over and I feel well supported knowing that there will be check-ins (good for accountability), communication between the other participants and myself, and the ability to contact Anne with questions or concerns. This was a great experience and I am glad that I invested my time and money in being well prepared to start my business. Thank you, Anne!"

Emilie Rivard

"For someone just starting out in the field, I found the training program to be extremely helpful. I learned so much about organizing and business.

Anne was there every step of the way to provide guidance and advice.

I would highly recommend this program to anyone who is interested in the field of organizing."

Danielle Dibiasi

"What an amazing program! Every aspect of the experience is well thought out and planned. For anyone thinking about becoming a professional organizer, this program is a must. The study videos and manual are designed to help you set-up your business, and the practicum helps you fine-tune your company. The practicum is an invaluable opportunity to work with a seasoned organizer, someone to walk you through every step of the client process and give you personal feedback on how to build your skills. I cannot imagine moving forward in this new profession without having attended this training."

April Reis

“Anne is a lovely, talented, business savvy woman. She was open and friendly and made the class a fun place to spend three days together working and learning. I learned a great deal in the short amount of time we spent together. I would eagerly attend another practicum with her, and hope that she will offer the Freedom Filer Class as well.”

Marie Vickers

“The training videos were extremely informative and make the manual easy to understand and follow during instruction. Anne's tips throughout the course were helpful and brought a more personalized approach to the course. The seminar was a must. Spending a full day discussing in depth how to start the business, plus making sure all the details were covered to assure the business has a chance to succeed was an added plus. Just teaching us how to organize would not be enough to start an organization business. The first day was essential to the program. Day 2 and 3 were incredibly informative. Not only observing the process of evaluating the needs of a client but seeing the client's emotional reaction to her disorganization made the experience more fulfilling because it made the process more personal. The need for professional organizers is more than putting away people's stuff; it's about guiding a client to living a less stressed life, and really making a difference in their emotional state.”

Debbie Pratt

“Anne, Participating in the Institute for Professional Organizer’s program was very exciting for me. I came away with valuable information that I will be able to begin using right away and throughout my career as a Professional Organizer. Being able to work on an actual organizing project has provided skills that may not have been gained by just the self-study course. Well done!”

Wendy Goldstein

"I thoroughly enjoyed the training program. It provided invaluable information that will assist in getting one's professional organizing business off the ground. The materials and information that were presented were extremely educational to someone like me who is new to this industry. Anne has a style of presenting that keeps you engaged in what she is saying. I would highly recommend this program to others who are considering professional organizing as a career.  I have also taken NAPO classes and what I prefer about Institute for Professional Organizers is that it is comprehensive!"

Shannon Rattner

“This training experience was top notch. I felt that the online course work created a good foundation to build my business. The manual was well prepared and has been a valuable tool and resource in the process of getting my business running and helping clients get and stay organized. Anne is a fabulous teacher and I am grateful to have learned from someone that is an expert in both organizing and creating a business. Overall it was a fantastic experience and I would highly recommend this course to anyone thinking about pursuing a career as a professional organizer.”

Roberta Anderson

“I felt at times that Anne was holding my hand through the initial processes of building my business, and the practicum is what really drew me to the Institute.No worries about me staying in touch Anne...you may regret making the offer.”


“The multi-layered training experience was extremely valuable for building my organizing company. Having hands-on training working with a client under Anne's guidance has boosted my confidence in working one-on-one with a client.”

Amanda Moore-Witter

“The training program offered through the Institute for Professional Organizers appealed to me because of the Day 3 client practicum. The client practicum experience far exceeded my expectations! I now have more confidence in my ability to put to use the boatload of information I received in Day 1 and Day 2. Thank you, Anne!”

Heather Ast

"This is a fantastic program! Anne is very clear in her communication and took the time to answer all of my questions. I'm so grateful I traveled and I took this course. Thank you, Anne!"

Lucia Quijano

“It was a very good decision to take this training. I gained much confidence. I know now this is what I want to do and I feel prepared for it. I also feel I have a good mentor in case I need future help!”

Claudia Mendoza

“I thoroughly enjoyed the seminar and I am amazed by the volume of information Anne was able to discuss in the time-frame.  Anne’s willingness to share her knowledge is wonderful.  I don’t know if I’d be able to successfully pursue this career without the knowledge I gained from Anne.  I considered another training program but this program seemed much more comprehensive and offered more tools and materials to get me started.  Anne was very receptive to questions and forthcoming with knowledgeable feedback.  I feel like this course provided all that I need to get started in my own Professional Organizing business—it EXCEEDED my expectations.”

Elizabeth Carbone

“Anne is a fabulous presenter and trainer! Her speaking style is very inviting. She is very respectful of one’s abilities, time and comfort level(s). Although I was very nervous about being a newbie her training left me feeling very comfortable with asking questions and even coming back later for clarification. I was very impressed, and thankful, for the "examples" in each session. I am a visual learner and Anne's visuals were excellent! The materials were easy to read and follow her examples. I chose the Institute for Professional Organizers because the web site was very clear as to what I was going to get and what it was going to cost. I totally appreciated that.”

LuAnna Hall

“I thoroughly enjoyed my 3 days of training at the Institute for Professional Organizers. The sessions with the attorney and tax accountant alone were worth the price of tuition and the practicum at the end gave me hands-on experience and confidence in my abilities as an organizer. I would recommend this course to anyone thinking of pursuing a career as a Professional Organizer.” 

Andrea Mori

“Anne, I really enjoyed the entire course. I must say that you have done a great job putting your institute together. I left feeling very encouraged and excited to get started. I was grateful for the way you made the business side of things seem manageable and easy to understand. You are an impressive businesswoman, and I appreciate your willingness to share your knowledge with others, like myself. Thanks!”

Kristine Ramos

My trip to Oregon from Illinois was well worth the expense. I am just beginning my business and even though I have read a lot of material on the professional organizing business, Anne's seminar put all that information into a very succinct yet comprehensive package. The materials provided are an excellent guide and resource to help me get my business going. The visit to an actual client to organize her storage room was the "icing on the cake". I got firsthand experience on what I could expect from future projects. That lesson was invaluable. Thanks, Anne! I really enjoyed meeting you and the rest of the seminar attendees.

Sandy Haras

"Anne's class was complete and comprehensive and led me to ask a number of questions I'd not previously thought about. Anne clearly enjoys teaching and welcomed questions, and gave well-informed answers. She clearly has a lot of experience behind her. I found the forms she provided a good starting place for me to customize to my specialties."

Christel Reeve

“The past three days have been filled with valuable knowledge, materials to review, and wonderful “tricks of the trade”. I have the materials, confidence, and skills necessary to hit the ground running and get my business up and going!”

Sheila Galligan

“Thank you so much, Anne, for the wonderful time and information you shared with us. I look forward to a new chapter in my life, and I am grateful to know I have you as a mentor!”

Sharon Nolte

“I really enjoyed the entire process. I just wish it was longer!! Thank you for doing this type of training program. I feel I can now go back to North Carolina and get my business started.”

Emily Parks

“Attending the training institute was a real "eye opener" for me. It was very comprehensive and integrated the different aspect of the business in a cohesive and palatable way. The sample documents and correspondence documents that can be utilized with a client throughout the 5 Step process, definitely was very helpful. The section of the session that reviewed materials and supplies and stores that can be a resource was also very beneficial. The practicum day at the client’s house was the best part because it allowed the team to really "work" the 5 Step Process, and make it a reality. I recommend this training wholeheartedly!!!”

Julie Faranda

"As a person new to the professional organizing world I found several resources to help me set up a small business and learn more about the process of organizing for clients. However, it was not until I completed the program with Anne Blumer, CPO at the Institute for Professional Organizers that the pieces all came together. The program was very well organized, thorough, motivating and exceeded my expectations in all areas. My only regret is that I waited so long to sign up. My level of confidence in my skills and tools has escalated to a point where I know this is the right profession for me and I have faith that my clients will benefit from my passion and knowledge. Anne fueled my fire and I'm ready to go! Watch out clutter bugs, time suckers, and paper addicts."

Lindi Quinn

"The one-on-one training was very valuable to me. I prefer this type of training to a webinar. The practicum with a client allows you to put into practice what was learned in the institute. The process of working with a client was clear and I believe will translate well into working well with clients. The class was fun and interesting with great examples and lots of humor. I enjoyed it greatly! Thanks, Anne."

Susan Robinson

“The program, or more specifically Anne Blumer, was great. She is an amazing, bright, hard-working, moral and honest woman. Since she has been in the business (on her own), she understands firsthand what it is like starting out on your own. Anne prepared me for starting up. I'm sure I would have gotten there on my own, however by shortening the learning curve, I increased the days I can be billing much sooner than had I tried on my own. Anne has very carefully considered the curriculum to make sure it is meaningful and useful. That being said, she is also flexible enough to listen to the students and answer questions even if it is NOT on the day's agenda. They have an attorney and a CPA come in and speak, and it is all extremely practical information. You really need to know everything that is presented. I have asked several questions after the training program and she always gets back to me cheerfully, promptly, and answers honestly. I consider Anne my friend. I truly believe she has my best interest at heart and wants me to be successful.”

Missy Gerber

“The training was exactly what I needed! After being in business for 6 months, I had a lot of questions about the business side of my organizing company. Anne was able to answer all those questions and more! The business and client forms, as well as the comprehensive manual, are a huge bonus and time-saver!!”

Krista Colvin

“This program more than met my expectations. The three-day seminar was well worth my time and money. I found the experience not only educational but fun.”

Darcy Lee

"I appreciated hearing the real facts and truths about a lot of the subjects. There is such a hush-hush on pricing and charging for services and Anne did a great job explaining how to charge. I enjoyed the presentation "talks" that we can use and just getting ideas, in general, to use in our own businesses was very helpful. The class has been very informative."

Tiffany Little

"Training to start a second career can be a little scary, being out of school for a long time and doing the same career for 30 years means learning new things, Anne, you made that process very easy and comfortable and the hands-on with the client gave us a true look at the process. I was so happy when I saw the small class size, it gives us all a chance to ask questions and really be sure we understood what we were learning, I hope all your classes are as lucky as we were to have such great class chemistry, Anne thanks again for taking that first step and starting the Institute for Professional Organizers and passing your knowledge and stories on to us. P.S. Thanks for the help with my business name."

Irene Davis

“The training is absolutely first class. The comprehensive approach, guest speakers, and hands-on practical experience gave me an excellent introduction to the field. I feel ready to go!!” I feel so fortunate to have so many comprehensive tools for success. I can’t wait to get started!”

Denise Allan

“Hi Anne, I had a great experience at the training. While I had already spent time on starting my own business, it was well worth the time spent reviewing topics the first day. It gave me affirmation on the business decisions I had already made. The 5 steps to organizing and the forms and checklists will be very helpful in getting started working with clients. Everything we learned was very comfortable and natural, which helps me know this is the right profession for me. Thanks again!”

Cris Hauk

“I am very appreciative by just how detailed-oriented, thorough, and comprehensive the course materials are. There was not one stone left unturned with regard to the information Anne provided through this course. Not only was the course material everything I hoped it would be, but I was also even more impressed by just how lovely Anne herself is! Her dedication to providing excellence with her training courses clearly comes from how much she sincerely cares about people and giving them all the help they need to succeed. Her warmth, sensitivity, friendliness, intelligence, and sense of humor were invaluable in helping me understand what it takes to be a successful professional organizer. It's not just the techniques, methods, and skills, but the personal care and understanding for clients are what Anne was so good at imparting through example. She is not only an excellent teacher but a great role model, as well. All-in-all, I wanted a course that provided practical information and in that respect, Anne delivered with flying colors!”

Charlene Hatakeyama

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