Niche – Photo Organizing

photo niche business

We can focus our services on many different niches as Professional Organizers. One is photo organizing, both digital and print photos. Organizing one’s photographs can seem an unsurmountable task, and many people put it off because they don’t know where to begin or how to sort their memories. This is where you can help! If…

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How Virtual Organizing is Different from On-site Organizing

photo IPO Blog November 2021

Virtual organizing is a process for getting organized through the use of technology. The primary difference between on-site and virtual organizing is the client doesn’t have the organizer’s hands to help move and sort items. During virtual organizing sessions the professional organizer (organizer) is often mostly body doubling. Meaning a body double is not an…

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Working With Clients – The Pros and Cons of Working Virtually

The pandemic has thrown a curveball at working with your clients–how to keep both you and your client safe.  If you are not comfortable working with clients in-person using PPE, you might want to consider working with them virtually.  Virtual organizing has its pros and cons to consider for both you and your client: Pros…

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Working with Clients – Students

Parents need help organizing their children and their homework (typically middle school students with ADHD). The challenges of transitioning from one teacher in elementary school to many teachers in middle school often take students, and parents, by surprise.  The virtual classroom can be challenging for students, teachers, and parents.  Now is an excellent opportunity for…

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Working With Clients – Body Doubling

I discovered body doubling working with my client, Trudy. Trudy is a highly educated and successful professional. She is married with two children and is originally from Norway. In 2004, she approached me after my organizing presentation at an organizing supply store. She introduced herself and said, “I think you might be able to help…

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