Let’s Talk About CRMs

photo Let's Talk About CRMs

Students often ask me what CRM (client relationship management) application I recommend for a professional organizing business and do they need one.  Let’s talk about CRMs. When I started my organizing business in 2003, the CRMs available were geared for medium size businesses or larger ones.  If the CRMs available today that focus on single-owner…

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5 Benefits of Working With a Professional Organizer

photo 5 benefits of working with a professional organizer

Often, people dismiss the need for a professional organizer because, in their mind, they don’t want to pay someone to do something that seems so simple. They feel like they can do these tasks by themselves. After all, why would you hire someone to declutter your house? Or help you come up with a decent…

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Help! How do I find clients?

photo IPO Blog June

When starting a professional organizing business, one of the questions most people ask me is, “how do I find clients?”  The first thing to recognize is you do need to seek out clients and not wait for clients to seek you out. Four months into the start-up of my organizing business, my husband, Stefan, and…

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Grow Your Business – Volunteering

At the beginning of my professional organizing business, I immediately joined NAPO and NAPO Oregon.  I attended NAPO meetings monthly, and within six months, I was asked to serve on the Oregon board as board secretary. I was thrilled that they wanted me and of course, said yes! I remained on the Oregon board for…

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10 Best Organization Apps to Simplify Your Life

As a female business owner, I was asked to share my favorite organization/productivity apps and why for an article in Oprah Magazine. I responded with: Microsoft To-Do– to track all of my personal and business tasks. Why? It is easy; I can set reminders, see the day, week, or entire list, create multiple lists (great…

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Grow Your Business – Networking

Strategic alliances are individuals or businesses that share similar clients with you. Network every day. Talk to everyone about your business. Who do you know that can help you promote your business? Who can you partner with and strategically align yourself with to provide mutual marketing opportunities? A few strategic alliance examples include: realtors interior…

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Grow Your Business – Speaking

During my first year in business, I discovered public speaking as a beneficial way to grow my contact base, meet potential clients, and create another revenue stream. What? Another revenue stream? I had not imagined multiple revenue streams when I started this profession. I thought I would work with people to organize their homes, and…

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