10 Best Organization Apps to Simplify Your Life

As a female business owner, I was asked to share my favorite organization/productivity apps and why for an article in Oprah Magazine. I responded with:

Microsoft To-Do– to track all of my personal and business tasks. Why? It is easy; I can set reminders, see the day, week, or entire list, create multiple lists (great for projects), attach notes, documents, or voice recordings to a task. It gives me the same satisfaction as a paper list that I can check off when I have completed a task. It gives me the option to show or not show the completed to-dos. I can print a list if I want a paper copy.

Time Timer – to keep me focused on completing a task in a given amount of time. It shows the time passing, which motivates me to stay focused on the task.

Evernote – to keep all the bits and bytes of information I collect in one place that are searchable. Replaces paper files of random data, and I can access the information on the go. Also great for keeping project information together digitally.

I’m thrilled to learn that I was quoted in the article for two of the apps I shared; Wunderlist and Time Timer. Although, Evernote was included, as shared by another contributor. You can read the article on OprahMagazine.com.

What are your favorite organization/productivity apps, and why?

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