Top 7 Questions About Becoming a Professional Organizer

Photo Woman Question Marks

We frequently receive inquiries and questions from people across the globe about how to become a Professional Organizer, and is it the right career path for them.  Questions range from “How did you get started in this business?” to “How do I get certified?” While I’m always willing to spend time answering basic inquiries, I…

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February 2019 Fast Track Method Training Client Practicum

Photo Garage

February’s practicum client, Dianne, wanted to downsize 99% of what was in her garage and start fresh. She kept more than she thought but did let go of 85%. Now new systems for gardening, workbench, mudroom, and storage. Plus a fresh coat of paint! Before – Workbench and Gardening After – Workbench, Gardening + New…

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August 2018 Client Practicum

Meet Laurie Wolpert and Shauna Ellis, both from Oregon, who Certified by the Institute for Professional Organizers August 8, 2018.

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