5 Critical Mistakes to Avoid When Starting a Professional Organizer Business

Mistake #1: Lacking business skills and know-how

After the first couple of years in business as a Professional Organizer, I noticed a number of NAPO members’ businesses collapse. I was curious why their businesses failed so I asked a number of them. The primary reason wasn’t that they didn’t have organizing skills or couldn’t organize others, it was because they didn’t know how to manage and grow a business. This is why I formed the Institute for Professional Organizers™. To teach others who aspire to become a Professional Organizer not only how to work with clients, but more importantly, how to launch, manage, and grow their business.

Layer 1 training will provide you with the business skills you need including:

  • How to write a business plan, financial plan, and marketing plan
  • Job agreement and business policies
  • How to charge for your services
  • How to communicate your value to clients
  • Startup forms
  • What to pack in your tool bag
  • How to select a business name to attract your key client
  • How to register your business
  • Marketing and branding your organizing business utilizing an elevator speech, tagline, network of power partners, developing a successful website, 100 marketing approaches and the 30- minute marketing formula.

Layer 2 will take you deeper into developing your business with

  • How to determine your business entity type and legal needs
  • What you need to know to be tax savvy
  • Creative time focused on your business name, look, and feel
  • You will receive exceptional materials for not only your first year of business but for the life of your business.

Mistake #2: Can’t organize others

You love to organize and you even have fun organizing your friends or family members. What about organizing a complete stranger’s kitchen or garage? There are a variety of personality types, barriers to organizing, and mental health issues to navigate and understand to successfully organize others. Working with clients who are chronically disorganized, who have ADHD, or who hoard requires specialized training and experience.

Layer 1 training will introduce you to specialized client populations and resources for obtaining training and skills to work with them. You will also learn how to organize every space in a home including the typical habits that cause disorganization, how to create organized zones, product solutions to aid organization, new habits to maintain organization, and the estimated time to organize.

Layer 2 training provides you with the priceless opportunity and experience of working with a real client. You will meet your client, assess their needs, and learn how to close the gap between the current state and desired state of their organizing project. You will have hours to work on creating your organizing plan of action including procuring materials. The third day is a full day working side-by-side with your client, instructor, and other training participants to complete the project.

Mistake #3: Waiting for clients to find you

One of the other reasons I heard professional organizers businesses fail was because they weren’t actively marketing to their key client. Rather, they were waiting for the phone to ring or an email to arrive in their inbox.

Layer 1 training provides you with more marketing approaches than you can possibly dream of with real practical ways to implement them. You will receive 12 organizing newsletters for you to add your branding to and instantly send to your contacts. Plus 3 organizing workshops and all associated materials for you to market your business

You will learn how to develop a successful website and the secrets to search engine optimization (SEO) to ensure clients will find you first.

Mistake #4: No process for organizing

Organizing is easy for you, it is just something innate that comes naturally. So, how will you communicate that to someone who doesn’t understand “everything has a place”? This is the key to working with clients. As a Professional Organizer, our goal is to transfer skills to our clients. Having a tried and true process, such as our 5 Steps to Organizing® will not only give you the tool to communicate organizing skills to your clients, it will give you confidence. Layer 1 training will teach you each of the 5 Steps to Organizing® in great detail and Layer 2 training provides you with a client project to practice each of the 5 steps in a real client scenario.

Mistake #5: Not writing a business plan

Your business plan is often an afterthought if it is ever addressed at all. The real value of creating a business plan is not in having the finished written plan in hand. Rather, the value lies in the process of researching and thinking about your business in a systematic way. The act of planning helps you think things through thoroughly, study and research if you are not sure of the facts and look at your ideas critically. It takes time now but avoids costly, perhaps disastrous, mistakes later.

I didn’t write a business plan the first two years I was in business, and I didn’t experience any growth in my business either. Since writing my business plan and updating it each year, my business has experienced significant growth each and every year even during tough economic times.

It typically takes several weeks to complete a good plan. Most of that time is spent on research and rethinking your ideas and assumptions. But then, that’s the value of the process. Our training programs will guide you through a simple and yet highly effective business plan model that will keep you on track each and every year you are in business and the opportunity to grow profitably year over year.

There are many more mistakes you can make if you don’t know how to run a business and work with clients. Do you want to figure them out on your own costing you thousands of dollars in lost revenue, or worse a failed business? Or, do you want to learn how to run a successful, profitable professional organizing business and how to work with clients who will be singing your praises over and over?

Save yourself time, money and frustration. Immediately start your training and education to become a successful professional organizer business owner with our Fast Track Method training and do what you love to do—ORGANIZE!

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