Master Professional Organizer®

After more than 20 years in the professional organizing industry, the Institute for Professional Organizers will be closing its doors on September 30, 2024.

We are grateful to have been part of the journey of nearly 500 students! Thank you.

Registration for the Master Professional Organizer® course will be available until December 31, 2023.

 Fast-Track Method™ Training Program

Become an IPO-certified Master Professional Organizer® and learn everything you need to know to confidently launch your professional organizing business.


“I love to organize for friends and family,

but will people really pay me to do it?”


“I’m ready for a change, but can I start

an organizing business without experience?”


“I want to be a professional organizer,

 but I feel like there’s so much I don’t know.

What if it doesn’t work out?”


Sound familiar?

The IPO-certified Master Professional Organizer® course is right for you if:

★    You like knowing what to expect and want to feel prepared before launching your business

★   You want to help people feel the joy and relief that comes from getting organized

★   You know you’re ready for a change, but you’re a little nervous to take the leap

★   You want a mentor in your back pocket, who will be your biggest cheerleader!

You’re ready to become a Professional Organizer.

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If you’ve been thinking about an organizing business for a while but want everything to be just right before you begin, you are NOT alone.

Past IPO students felt just like you:

★   They wanted a credential that officially declared them a Professional Organizer

★   They tried piecing information together from so many different organizers and sources, but could never get clear direction

★   They wanted to run a successful organizing business, but they were worried they didn’t have the business or client experience to succeed

★   They loved organizing but weren’t sure about the business of organizing

★   They wanted to feel prepared and confident when starting their business

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“I felt so supported by Anne. I knew there was a real person behind the modules, and she’s such a great mentor.  She has been through everything that I'm only starting now. The course helped me get all my ducks in a row, and I'm ready to start.  I don't feel nervous — I feel confident in what I've learned from Anne.” 

-   Sharon Gandy, UnYoke Spaces

The Netherlands

Sharon Gandy 600x600

If you want to​ confidently call yourself a Professional Organizer, then you belong in the IPO-certified Master Professional Organizer® course program.

★   You’ll learn how to turn a potential client into a paying client

★   You’ll have everything you need to start an organizing business — laid out in the proper order

★  You’ll work closely with Anne through TWO client projects to gain hands-on experience

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“The program is like a crash course in business. Everything from how to interact with a client to how to set up the business, taxes, and legal. It shortcut at least a year off the time it took to get my business started. And when you finish, it feels like having your business handed over to you in a tidy package.”

- Sue Haas, Sorted Diggs

Portland, OR

Photo Sue Haas

Watch these short videos to hear what students say...


Students in the Fast-Track Method™ Training Program work through 16 self-study course modules that teach you the exact steps to build your own unique professional organizing business. The program will guide you through everything you need to know and provide the mentorship you need to follow through and stay accountable.

You'll finish with the clarity and direction you need to launch your professional organizing business confidently.

What will you get from the IPO-certified Master Professional Organizer® program?

★    One-on-one mentorship and coaching over Zoom with Anne Blumer, CPO®

★    Anne virtually coaching you with your TWO client organizing projects covering the skills necessary to be a professional organizing business owner and gain real client experience before launching your business

★   Industry-recognized IPO-certified Master Professional Organizer® designation badge

★   30 hours continuing education credit certificate issued to participants upon program completion. That may be applied to NAPO's continuing education requirements.

photo Red Head Woman at Laptop 562x562

Watch these short videos to hear what students say...

“It’s not just learning how to be a professional organizer, but also how to operate a business. And what surprised me most was the strong relationship I built with Anne. I felt like I could reach out if I ever needed something, and even though I've never met her in person, I felt like she was my guiding mother.”

- Laura Webster, Bright & Bliss

Rosemount, Minnesota

Laura Webster 562x562

You won’t find another program that covers

anywhere near as much as the Fast-Track Method™.

Imagine having your whole business put together

in a tidy package — ready to go!

Here’s a closer look at the course curriculum:

★    Module One - Introduction to the Industry

Validate your decision to become a professional organizer, learn the history of the industry, and understand the requirements to earn an industry certification.

★    Module Two - Skills Assessment

Learn how to leverage your skills and past experience in the field of professional organizing. Everyone has something different to share, which means you can differentiate yourself from the competition.

★    Module Three - Writing Your Business Plan

Many organizers skip this step, but IPO students all over the world tell Anne afterward that this is one of the most valuable modules in the program. You’ll learn to avoid costly mistakes and attract your ideal clients.

★    Module Four - Job Agreement & Business Policies

Learn how to create client boundaries and put business policies in place with templates you can customize to your own business.

★    Module Five - Rate Structures

Learn how to charge what you are worth for your services AND how to confidently communicate your prices and value to clients.

★    Module Six - Business Basics

Learn exactly what materials you need to start your organizing business and what you should bring to each appointment.

★    Module Seven - Naming & Registering Your Business

You have two seconds to make a first impression. What impression will your business make?

★    Module Eight - Marketing Your Business

Learn the essential elements of marketing your business, including creating your brand, networking, and strategic alliances, website development, and Anne’s 30-minute marketing formula.

★    Module Nine - Legal Considerations

Anne collaborated with a business lawyer so you can learn what you need to know about business entities and how to protect yourself and your business best.

★    Module Ten - Tax Considerations

The things you don’t want to think about but know you need to! Anne collaborated with a tax professional to help you learn the tax details every small business owner needs to understand.

★    Module Eleven - How to Turn a Potential Client into a Paying Client

Create a 30 Second Hook, so you know exactly what to say when a potential client calls.

★    Module Twelve - Conducting a Needs Assessment

Learn how to conduct a needs assessment with your client that will become your roadmap for achieving their goals. You’ll also learn how to estimate the length of a project and how to communicate that to clients.

★    Module Thirteen - Client Work

Feel prepared when you begin working with clients after learning the 5 Steps to Organizing® Process and how to implement it during a project. You’ll also know how to teach your clients the skills they may never have learned.

★    Module Fourteen - Safety

Understand potential safety hazards for yourself and your clients — and how to deal with issues if the need arises.

★    Module Fifteen - Working With Clients - Specialized Areas

Gain an understanding of specialized client populations through real client case studies on Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), Chronic Disorganization (CD), hoarders, students, and seniors. Identify whether these are areas you want to specialize in or refer to others.

★    Module Sixteen - Working With Clients - Virtually

Understand everything you need to know about virtual organizing, so you can decide if it’s a service you want to provide.

1:1 Business Coaching 

After completing the program, you’ll have one-on-one check-ins with Anne to help you succeed and stay on track.  This opportunity ends September 30, 2024.

“What I loved the most was that Anne coaches you after you complete the course. We would meet because she genuinely wants to see your business grow. She would always say, ‘I want to see you succeed. So many businesses fail in the first two years — I don’t want to see you fail.’

Even big institutions offering college degrees don’t have teachers that follow up with you.

-Michaele Tocco, Michaele’s Precise Planning

Michaele Tocco 600x600

"The time, effort, professionalism, and twenty years worth of Anne’s organizing experience that is contained within such a meticulous and thoughtfully produced course, is worth so much more than the price!”

- Sefora Cauneac, Portland, Oregon

phot sefora cauneac


As a Fast-Track Method™ Training Program student, you also get these bonuses:

#1 - Professional Organizers Toolkit

Templates for business policies, procedures, and checklists that will save you hours of research and impress your clients with your smooth process.

#2 - 100 Actions to Magnetize More Clients

Your guide to growing your business and getting more clients.

#3 - Three Customizable Presentation Templates

You can brand three PowerPoint presentations to your business and present them anywhere to increase visibility and gain clients instantly.

1.    Paper Management Workshop

2.    Time Management Workshop

3.    Decluttering 101 Workshop

#4 - Content for twelve marketing newsletters or blog posts

This bonus alone would cost more than the entire course if you hired it out! Increase your visibility and SEO with this ready-to-go content.

#5 - Systems and Solutions

Feel fully prepared to work with clients when you have access to

    • The 5 Steps to Organizing® process

    • The 3 Phases of the Client Process

    • Checklists and forms to keep you on track and help you know what to expect

#6 - Guidebook for Every Room of the Home

For every space in a home, you’ll learn the typical habits that cause disorganization and how to combat those habits with zones, product suggestions, habits, and estimated time to organize. You’ll know how to organize ANY space in the home.

#7 - Professional Organizer Core Competencies

Distinguish yourself from other organizers by understanding the industry's core competencies to work with clients.

All of these bonuses are included in the IPO-certified Master Professional Organizer® course.

“The actual client work we did over several days really boosted my confidence. And now I have the exact amount and type of clients I want to have in my schedule as a mom with kids at home. It’s really worth the investment and I’m so glad I took Anne’s course.”

- Emily Santos, Essential Organizing, Seattle WA

photo emily santos

How would it change your life…

★   To earn a significant income doing something you love?

★   To have a flexible schedule that allows you to live your life AND run a business?

★   To run a thriving organizing business helping people feel peace and calm in their lives?

There’s no better way to earn a certification before launching your organizing business, and there’s no program that will leave you feeling more prepared.

It’s time for YOU to confidently launch an organizing business, doing what you love and helping people every day.

photo woman pondering look

Meet Anne Blumer, CPO®

Hi there, I’m Anne. I’ve been a professional organizer for twenty years and have seen our amazing industry grow. I started SolutionsForYou when my children were young but now that they’re grown and out of the house, I want to spend my time working with you. My passion has become working closely with new professional organizers to help them understand their value and sift through all the details to get their new business off the ground. I founded the Institute for Professional Organizers™ in 2004 for people just like you!

Anne Blumer

Ask Anne - Read our Frequently Asked Questions Before Registering

To register for the course click the "I'm Ready" button or this link.

You will be directed to PayPal to make payment.  Upon payment you will be directed to a PAYMENT CONFIRMATION webpage.

Shortly after your payment is approved you will receive an email with a link to COMPLETE YOUR REGISTRATION and setup your STUDENT ACCOUNT.

After you complete your registration and setup your student account, you will receive an email with a link to your STUDENT ACCOUNT.  There you are provided step-by-step instructions for completing the course and access to the course modules, videos, manual and other materials.

Registration for the Master Professional Organizer® course ends December 31, 2023, and will not be available after that date.

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