The Professional Organizers Toolkit

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To be a successful Professional Organizer you need more than organizing skills.  You need the Professional Organizers Toolkit to run a successful business.  Why spend countless hours researching, keying, and formatting your business forms when all you need can be purchased here for under $100?!  The Professional Organizers Toolkit includes:

  • Business Plan Form + an Action List to Launch Your Business
  • Field Materials Checklist
  • Service and Fees Agreement + Business Policies
  • Client Initial Intake Form + Client Process Checklist
  • Client Assessment Forms (Residential + Business)
  • Client Organizing Plan of Action Form + Sample + Product Resources
  • Client Keep/Let-go Criteria Checklist
  • Client Maintenance Plan Form + Sample
  • Client Satisfaction Form

All forms are sent to you in Microsoft Word 2007 format and are delivered to you immediately via a secure download after checkout and payment.  Download products are non-refundable.  They are for your individual business use, not for resale or sharing. Each one is customizable for your company name and logo.

You can start today, act now!  Order your forms below:

“I met with a client yesterday and she was so pleased with the needs assessment process. She said that at the end she had a much more clear picture of what she wanted us to do. She said that the questions on the needs assessment form stimulated memories about different effective organizing techniques used in her previous jobs that she had forgotten but wanted to use in her home office. She also said that the questions about the emotional aspects were really helpful to get them out and expressed. She felt heard. She is excited about the work we are doing today and she is very motivated. Anne, thank you so much for such an effective tool.”

The Professional Organizers Toolkit consists of sixty pages of business and client forms and instructions PLUS FREE “Needs Assessment Video” $97

Before purchasing, read our Terms

The Professional Organizers Toolkit is included with the Fast Track Method™ Course.  Please do not purchase if you have already purchased the Trained, Certified, or Master Professional Organizer® course.

Each form is specifically designed for its purpose, read detailed descriptions below:

Maybe you are just starting out and need to write a business plan for a small business loan. Or, you have started your business but you feel that you could be doing better.  Step-by-Step Business Plan for a Professional Organizing Business will guide you through developing a plan that will help you research and think about your business in a systematic way.  Also included is your Action List to successfully launch your business, a vision and mission statement template, and financial plans. I didn't write a business plan the first two years I was in business, and I didn't experience any growth in my business either. Since writing my business plan and updating it each year, my business has experienced significant growth each and every year and yours can too.

“I just wanted to thank you for writing your book, Mastering the Business of Organizing.  It is my bible for starting my new organizing business here in Texas.  I also ordered the templates for the forms you have created and they have been so helpful in developing my own forms. Thank you for all of the resources you have made for other organizers to utilize.  They have helped give me the confidence to get this business rolling!”

Laura Fernandez

“This is exactly what I needed. Money well spent!”

Karen Swan

Before purchasing, read our Terms


The continuing education courses are included with the Fast Track Method™ Course.  Please do not purchase if you have already purchased the Trained, Certified, or Master Professional Organizer® course.


Already purchased? Access your forms and bonus video here!

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