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Institute for Professional Organizers™

Continuing Education

Our Professional Organizer continuing education courses are for new and seasoned professional organizers who are looking for education and training to strengthen their repertoire of organizing skills and techniques for working with clients.  Our recorded videos may count as continuing education credits towards your CPO® certification or recertification (reference BCPO CEU requirements).  Upon completion of your course, contact us for your certificate of attendance.

$297 - All three as a bundle - Best Value! *

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Client Process - The Beginning, Middle, and End

The client process consists of three phases including:

  • Initial Client Contact: Preparing you for when a client calls.
  • Needs Assessment: The needs assessment discoveries will be your roadmap to clearly identifying your client's goals, needs, barriers, and expectations. This session will provide you with questions to ask your residential and business clients that will help you to best assess their organizing needs and develop an organizing plan of action. You will also learn how to estimate how long a client project will take, and how to explain to clients the factors involved in your estimations.
  • Project Completion: 5 Steps to Organizing® Process a time-tested process that will not only give you a method for organizing your clients but also teach them the skills they need to maintain their accomplishments after you leave. Client follow-up to recognize backsliding and effective ways to address it.

$147 (includes a 94 page guidebook) *

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Residential Organizing - A Strategy for Every Room in the House

For every space in a home you will learn the typical habits that cause disorganization, how to create organized zones, product solutions to aid organization, new habits to maintain organization, and the estimated time to organize.

  • kitchen
  • launching and landing pad
  • command central
  • home office
  • craft room
  • closets
  • garage and other storage areas
  • family rooms and media rooms
  • kid spaces
  • bedroom
  • bathroom
  • laundry room

$147 (includes a 40 page guidebook) *

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Paper, Time, and Space

These are three foundational organizing areas for working with clients presented as workshops that you can immediately use and present to the public gaining you clients fast!

Working With Clients on the A.R.T. of Paper Management

Instructions on how to present a workshop on organizing household paper information including:

  • How to create a paper processing center
  • How to identify what paper to toss and what to keep (and for how long)
  • The A.R.T. of paper management (Action and Reference systems)
  • How to make files and use file system products (FreedomFiler™ and FileSolutions®)
  • Products that can help track finances and financial papers (Quicken®, QuickBooks, Neat)

Working With Clients on Time Management

Instructions on how to present a workshop on time management including:

  • Defining their roles
  • Identifying if their time is spent on urgent activities or important activities
  • Discover time robbers through a time mapping technique
  • Learn how to categorize and group activities to effectively manage your client's time
  • Identify and choose “one” time management system and tool that is right for your client; and why

Working with Clients on Clutter Control

Instructions on how to present a workshop on decluttering including:

  • Stop cluttering and start organizing!
  • Identify organizing stumbling blocks
  • Maintain organization with 10 simple organizing principles

$147 (includes 3 powerpoint presentations, 3 workshop scripts, and workshop materials) *

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