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Institute for Professional Organizers™

Fast Track Method™ Training Program Overview

You want to get your business started fast, you have passion for organizing, and a penchant for order. Now you can get everything you need to get started with our Fast Track Method™ training.

Each layer of our Fast Track Method™ training and education program develops your skills and confidence to work with clients and Master the Business of Organizing™. Layer by layer we provide you with increased protection that your business will thrive. You will not find another professional organizer training program with our unique layered approach, comprehensiveness, and affordability.

Our Fast Track Method™ Training Program is a comprehensive layered training and education opportunity.  Below is an overview of what each layer includes.

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What You Will Learn and Receive

Investment in You and Your Business (tax deductible)
Launch and Trained
Layer 1

Grow and Certified
Layer 2*
Early Bird
Leverage and Master
Layer 3

160+ page digital downloadable manualXX
8 hours of internet-based videos including:XX
-  What is a Professional OrganizerXX
-  Assessing Your Skills as Professional Organizer and Business OwnerXX
-  Writing Your Business PlanXX
-  Preparing Your Financial Plan; start-up, 1st yearXX
-  Job Agreement and Business PoliciesXX
-  Rate Structures and How to Charge for Your ServicesXX
-  Business Basics – Equipment and FormsXX
-  Name and Register your Business for Maximum ImpactXX
-  Marketing and Branding Your Organizing BusinessXX
-  Preparing Your Marketing PlanXX
-  Preparing Your Business Brand SheetXX
-  Working with ClientsXX
-  Phase I – Initial Client Contact and Your 30 Second HookXX
-  Phase II – How to Conduct a Needs Assessment and Schedule a ProjectXX
-  Phase III – Completing the Client ProjectXX
-  Working with Clients – What I know Now, I Wish I Had Known ThenXX
One hour coach call with Anne Blumer to answer any remaining questionsX
BONUS #1 Customizable Business and Client FormsXX
-  Business Plan Form + an Action List to Launch Your BusinessXX
-  Field Materials ChecklistXX
-  Service and Fees Agreement + Business PoliciesXX
-  Client Initial Intake Form + Client Process ChecklistXX
-  Client Assessment Forms (Residential + Business)XX
-  Client Organizing Plan of Action Form + Sample + Product ResourcesXX
-  Client Keep/Let-go Criteria ChecklistXX
-  Client Maintenance Plan Form + SampleXX
-  Client Satisfaction Form to capture client testimonialsXX
BONUS #2 100 Actions to Magnetize More ClientsXX
BONUS #3 Presentations to Gain Clients Instantly Through SpeakingXX
-  The ART of Paper ManagementXX
-  Time ManagementXX
-  Declutter 101XX
BONUS #4 Twelve newsletters or blog postingsXX
BONUS #5 Systems and SolutionsXX
-  5 Steps to Organizing ProcessXX
-  3 Phases of Client Process ChecklistsXX
BONUS #6 Room by room Residential Organizing VideosXX
-  KitchenXX
-  Launching/Landing PadsXX
-  Command CentralXX
-  Home OfficesXX
-  ClosetsXX
-  Garage and other storage areasXX
-  Craft RoomsXX
-  Family and Media RoomsXX
-  Kid SpacesXX
-  BathroomsXX
-  BedroomsXX
-  Laundry SpacesXX
BONUS #7 Professional Organizer Core CompetenciesXX
-  IPO Trained designation and logo for marketing purposesX
3-day SeminarX
-  Determine Business Entity and Legal NeedsX
-  What You Need to Know to be Tax SavvyX
-  Focused time and attention to work on developing your businessX
-  Brand CreationX
-  Initial Client Consultation PreparationX
-  Meet your client and conduct the needs assessmentX
-  Prepare the organizing plan of action for client projectX
-  Procure organizing materials for client projectX
-  Full day hands-on client practicum experienceXX
-  Project photos for your portfolio, website, and other marketing materialsXX
-  Client testimonial for your portfolio, website, and other marketing materialsXX
-  Advanced project planning and leadership guidance from Anne BlumerX
-  Plan and lead the client practicum projectX
-  Increased confidence to plan client projectsX
-  Your business listing on our website “Master Professional Organizers” pageX
BONUS #8 CredentialsXXX
-  IPO Certified designation and logo for marketing purposesX
-  Master Professional Organizer designation and logo for marketing purposesX
BONUS #9 Immediate Brand ExposureXX
BONUS #10 Ongoing Mentorship with Anne BlumerXX

*Layer Two pricing includes both Layers One and Two Materials

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