Niche Professional Organizers – Our Interview with Tywanquila Walker

Niche Professional Organizers 

Interviews with Professional Organizers focusing on their unique niche. 

This month we interviewed 

Tywanquila Walker of Order Your Life

Anne: Tywanquila, why did you become a professional organizer?

Tywanquila: I became a professional organizer because organizing is something I love doing.  Sometimes, I walk into a space, and I can literally see what it can be.  Within seconds, objects float to their intended destinations.  Papers are filed away or placed in neat piles.  In my mind’s eye, the room is brighter, tidier, and more functional.

Furthermore, I love helping other people visualize their goals and then reach those goals. 
Helping other people see the vision of what could be is rewarding.  Organizing is like sitting down to create a work of art.  The canvas is alive, and it speaks to the artist.  Eventually, the canvas speaks to the viewers as well.

Anne: As an organization consultant, you specialize in helping others organize moves.  What suggestions do you have for those that feel overwhelmed by this task?

Tywanquila: My best advice for anyone who is moving is start early.  As soon as you know you’re going to move, begin throwing things away.  Donate those clothes you’ve meant to donate.  Start visualizing what you want your new home to look like.  Use that vision to help you keep the things you love and kindly dispose of the things that no longer fit in your life.

I’ve created a detailed moving checklist for anyone who feels overwhelmed by the task of moving.  The list covers everything from eight weeks before the move to the day after the move.  Everything you need to know about moving is on that list.

Anne: Why did you decide to specialize in moving?

Tywanquila: I decided to specialize in moving because I have moved a lot.  I have moved for school and for work, and I know how difficult the process can be.  Every time I move, I learn something new.  After so many moves, I have my own system for doing things.  Eventually, I realized that system can be useful for other people, too.

Moving is a difficult process that involves packing everything you own plus contacting utility companies, schools, doctors, and your employer.  A professional organizer can take care of some of those details for clients and make sure nothing is forgotten.

Anne: What would you advise your client to do as the first step in organizing their move if they haven’t done anything?

Tywanquila: First, I would assure the clients that they have in fact done something.  By contacting me, they have already taken the first step.  Next, I would ask my clients to describe their timeline for the move.  When do they absolutely have to be out of the old house and into the new one?  By knowing their timeline, together, we can decide what needs to be done next.

From there, we will use one of my checklists and get to work.  For clients who are more hands-on, I would ask them which tasks they are more comfortable handling.  For clients who are super busy, or on a really short timeline, I would handle the majority of the move management.  Working with a professional organizer frees up their time and allows them to take care of work or family matters that may be happening during the move.

Anne: What is your most surprising discovery about working with clients on organizing their move?

Tywanquila: By far, the most surprising discovery is finding boxes that have been moved from place to place and never opened.  When I ask people what’s in the box, they usually say, “I have no idea.”  Opening those boxes is like opening a present on Christmas day.  You may find the toy you’ve wished for all year, or you may find another pair of socks.  Either way, opening those boxes is always an adventure.

Anne: What has been your personal challenge with organizing a move of your own?

Tywanquila:  The biggest challenge of organizing a move is making sure the timing for everything lines up.  There are a lot of moving pieces, and the clients and I have to be on the same page for the move to go smoothly.  Before, I mentioned contacting utility companies, schools, etcetera.  The other key player in a move is the moving company.

When the moving truck arrives, everything needs to be packed.  I can’t tell you how appreciative movers are when they arrive and you are ready to go.  Whether friends and family are helping you move or you’re hiring professional movers, when people know you value their time, they work hard to make sure everything goes smoothly. 

I have had movers thank me for making a move easy.  On the surface, it seemed easy.  The reality is that a lot of behind-the-scenes work goes into a successful move.  When we see pictures of people moving, we see boxes being loaded and happy people settling into a new home.  What we don’t see is all the coordination and phone calls that happen before those boxes ever get on a truck.  My job is to make the move as easy as possible for my clients.

Anne: Do you have any information or product that professional organizers can share with their clients?

Tywanquila: On my website, I have a blog with detailed information about moving.  In addition to information about moving in general, there is free advice about moving with pets, moving with children, renting, and even information about making tough decisions.  Professional organizers can share this information with their clients and help them better prepare for a move.

As for products, I have created a 71-page moving guide as well as various checklists, forms, and tips.  Some of the products are free, others are available for a small fee.  There are also moving kits with colorful labels to help make the move go smoothly. 

Clients can use the checklists to make sure they don’t forget anything.  The labels help clients and movers make sure moving boxes go in the right room.  Moving and unpacking are so much easier when everything is labeled.

Anne: What is the best way to connect with you?

Tywanquila: You can find me on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest.  You can also connect with me via my website, or email me at

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