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Grow Your Business – Networking

Photo of WIN Group

Strategic alliances are individuals or businesses that share similar clients with you. Network every day. Talk to everyone about your business. Who do you know that can help you promote your business? Who can you partner with and strategically align yourself with to provide mutual marketing opportunities? A few strategic alliance examples include: realtors interior…

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Top 7 Questions About Becoming a Professional Organizer

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We frequently receive inquiries and questions from people across the globe about how to become a Professional Organizer and is it the right career path for them.  Questions range from “How did you get started in this business?” to “How do I get certified?” While I’m always willing to spend time answering basic inquiries, I…

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Grow Your Business – Speaking

Photo Anne Blumer Speaking at POC 2018 Conference

During my first year in business, I discovered public speaking as a beneficial way to grow my contact base, meet potential clients, and create another revenue stream. What? Another revenue stream? I had not imagined multiple revenue streams when I started this profession. I thought I would work with people to organize their homes, and…

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Book Signing Event

I had so much fun at my Mastering the Business of Organizing book signing event at Annie Bloom’s Books last week.  I met new budding professional organizing business owners and people curious about what professional organizing is.  I saw familiar faces of family, friends, colleagues and students of my training program. Women from my Women…

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February 2019 Fast Track Method Training Client Practicum

February’s practicum client, Dianne, wanted to downsize 99% of what was in her garage and start fresh. She kept more than she thought but did let go of 85%. Now new systems for gardening, workbench, mudroom, and storage. Plus a fresh coat of paint! Before – Workbench and Gardening After – Workbench, Gardening + New…

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Grow Your Business – Writing

Never in my wildest dreams did I dream of being a published author, because I didn’t think I had the skills to write a book. So, why I did write a book? From 2009 to 2011 professional organizers in the United States were in make-or-break years. In 2008 and 2009, the United States labor market…

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5 Critical Mistakes to Avoid Working with Clients

Mistake #1 – ORGANIZING FOR YOURSELF AND NOT YOUR CLIENT You love to organize and you even have fun organizing your friends or family members. What about organizing a complete stranger’s kitchen or garage? Will you be able to really listen and seek to understand what ‘organized’ looks and feels like for each client. There…

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