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Institute for Professional Organizers™

2020 – Your Year to Start a Professional Organizing Business

2020 Fast Track Method Training™ Program for Professional Organizers Layers 1 and 2 Now Available for Registration Meet our Certified graduates 2004-2019   A few fun facts about our participants 400+ participants have completed our program 17 countries represented 51 Layer 2 Seminars 193 Certified 7 Master Professional Organizers® Will you be next?

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Grow Your Business – Senior Move Management

Photo of Senior couple ready to buy new house reading contract

In 2003, when I started working as a professional organizer, my clients were moms with young children, much like myself. I helped them set up household systems and routines and organize their physical space. At that time, I knew I didn’t want to work with seniors because I didn’t think I could relate to where…

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Grow Your Business – With Subcontractors

Photo of the A Team

In 2013, something startling and unexpected happened. I woke up one day and was not excited to go to work with my client. What happened? I love to organize. That was not what I wasn’t excited about. It was the client. I found myself thinking of this client all the time. How could I help…

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Want in on a Secret?

Two women sharing a secret

When I started working as a Professional Organizer, I didn’t have a step-by-step process for working with my clients.  I quickly learned that it is as important to teach my clients organizing skills as it is to organize with them.  It is similar to the adage Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. …

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Grow Your Business – Subcontracting

Photo Beautiful young stylist near rack with hangers

The Container Store is an organizing products store. I equate it to a professional organizer’s candy store. They have stores all over the United States. Late in 2015, I was contacted by the Container Store, asking if I would be interested in interviewing for their Contained Home Consultant position. I was hesitant because I felt…

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How to Get Started as a Professional Organizer


Not sure how to begin a Professional Organizing business? Listen to my podcast with Susan Creal and hear about how I began my business, the obstacles I had to overcome, what my typical day is like, tips on organizing, and more. Ready to begin? Register for our Fast Track Method Training Program for Professional Organizers. 

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Grow Your Business – Packaged Services

Photo of Flag of the United States of America with the face of Benjamin Franklin on US dollar 100 bill and a red arrow indicates the stock market enter recession period.

The recession may have ended in 2009, but the US economy was still in recovery well into 2011. People were quite hesitant to spend their discretionary income on organizing services. I did have clients stay with me who financially could during the recession, and some are still my clients today; they are chronically disorganized, and,…

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Grow Your Business – Virtual Organizing

Sheila Delson, former ICD president, launched her Virtual Organizing Training Program in 2014, and I attended one of her first training sessions. As a veteran organizer with many years of working hands-on with clients, it was becoming increasingly more difficult to keep up with client demand and physical aspects associated with hands-on work. Additionally, not…

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